Flying the Hudson River – Video Guides

One of the most comprehensive guides I’ve found on the web is from Reading his description of the flight was one of the most helpful sources of information about flying within the VFR exclusion. Particularly helpful is the information about watching for game TFRs by searching the game schedule prior to a proposed flight. Another extremely helpful (and I would consider mandatory) resource is the FAA course on’s website. Also included with the FAA course is a kneeboard with easy access to comm frequencies, pertinent reporting points, and altitudes to maintain. I assembled these videos as an effort to increase situational awareness of the Hudson River special flight rules area (SFRA) by providing typical views a pilot would experience while flying north and south along the river. One mandatory reporting point that is initially challenging to identify is the clock on the west side of the river since it is surrounded by tall buildings. The video identifies each reporting point with text to help with visual recognition for future flights. As with all unofficial guides, this is only presented to help augment the official information already available through the FAA course, FARs, and CFIs. Please use all available official information for flights through the SFRA to ensure compliance with the established regulations.

Flight northbound via the Hudson River SFRA noting mandatory reporting points by visual reference.

NYC SFRA Hudson River Flight Southbound with mandatory reporting points noted.

For the most current information about flying the Hudson River, take the FAA course. And if you want to know what the regs say, FAR 14 part 93 spells out what is required to fly in this exclusion.



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