Rented a 172 in Miami and flew from Opa-Locka airport (KOPF)to Bimini (more photos to follow). Learned about non-movement areas that day. I do not understand why they are called non-movement areas since you can move around them all you want without talking to ATC. One of the quirks of larger airports I suppose. Out of the other class Delta towered airports I usually fly, we just call it ‘the ramp.’ But since Opa-Locka has a lot of ramp space, they use ‘non-movement area’ as the designator to move around freely. Odd. On a map, Opa-Locka (see sectional map below) looks like a baby Miami International, slightly smaller than it’s big brother a few miles south.


Miami is very beautiful from the air, and it significantly lessens the risk of running into an alligator. I’ll post about the Bimini, Bahamas flight soon. To say it was awesome is an understatement.


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