Tangier Island

I love islands. I love the beach. There’s just something about enjoying that fresh ocean breeze that relaxes me. I first noticed Tangier island on my long cross-country flights from Philly to NC. I’d always hug the Delmarva peninsula on the flight down to avoid the large swaths of restricted airspace to the west (see map). Every time I flew by the Chesapeake, I’d notice a tiny, little island in the distance, which lo-and-behold had an airport on the map. On one of my trips to NC, I landed at Williamsburg (KJGG) for fuel and struck up a conversation with some folks at the airport. I wanted to know if anyone had been to Tangier and how they managed navigating the restricted airspace. It turns out R-4006 only begins about 3500 ft above the surface, giving plenty of margin to make the flight over water to reach the island. R-6609, on the other hand starts at the surface, so there would be no flying farther west past the island without approval from Patuxent approach (127.95). On my return flight to Philly, I made the trip to Tangier. I was not disappointed. I walked the entire island in about an hour, then settled down on the unspoiled white sand beach on the south of the island. Jumped in the Chesapeake waters  to cool off and relaxed on the beach. With a population just shy of 700 people, it’s no surprise that this beach is peacefully quite with only the sound of gently lapping waves. Landing fee is $10 (2016) and cash-only. It’s an important source of support to maintain the island airport.



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