Ghost Airport – 5w5, Triple Whiskey

It’s been about 8 years since my last visit to Triple W airport (south of Raleigh, NC), and the changes are dramatic. It is the first “paved” runway I’ve landed on recently that needs to be mowed! From all appearances, this place seems to be abandoned; a ghost airport with little activity and a rough runway that hasn’t been resurfaced (or mowed, Ha!) in years. The forest is reclaiming this place. To be fair, the published directory info about this airport (below) does describe the runway conditions as poor, or more diplomatically as “heavy vegetation in cracks.” This is the closest airport to my family in Raleigh, so it is very convenient, and avoids the hassle of flying into RDU. Before departing this airport, I’m sweeping the runway to remove any potential FOD debris. This place brings back great memories for me. I took my Grandfather, who is also a pilot, and parents flying from this airport after I got my pilot certificate.


Did find another nice-looking cardinal at the airport:wp-1482415167446.jpg

Ramp is in ‘better’ shape than the runway…


Sad, wings have been clipped on this bird:


More aerial shots of the airport:


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