Ocracoke Island

Ocracoke is an Island notoriously frequented by Blackbeard the Pirate (more history). The airport is conveniently located next to a beautiful white-sand beach. Landing here is easy-peasy. A nearby restaurant (Howard’s Pub & Raw Bar) monitors the unicom frequency (122.9), and will come pick you up during operating hours if you ask.

Rivers and Lakes

Viewing rivers and lakes from the air obviously provides a unique vantage point, where each turn can provide a different perspective of the true shape of these bodies of water. Depicted here is High Rock Lake located near Lexington, NC. Below is the Tuckahoe River near Ocean City NJ.

Pilot Mountain

Originally started flight training in Winston Salem NC. Received my private certificate in 2008. Featured here is the appropriately named Pilot Mountain located a few nautical miles away from KINT where I started my training. Best landmark I could imagine for a pilot-in-training. At 2,421 ft elevation, this mountain was originally named Jomeokee, which means ‘great guide’…

Man-made Mountains

Flying the Hudson River corridor is one of my favorite flights. It remains a true testament to freedom. View my video guides to flying the corridor, which will point out mandatory reporting points when self-announcing on 123.05 flying the Hudson River Exclusion. “Look Ma – No Strut!” The beautiful, unobstructed view from the Cessna Cardinal is outstanding. Typical of…